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The case for outsourcing.

In today's ever changing landscape of new compliance regulations, emerging markets, ever changing market trends and economic uncertainty HFT Pros provides a resource that allows you to meet your deadlines while remaining on budget. The ability to tune your IT and compliance talent pool to suite the demands of your projects will allow downsized IT departments to remain successful.

No longer a temporary cost-cutting fix, outsourcing is now considered a critical IT management strategy to meet tight deadlines, provide just in time or as projects demand staffing.


Get IT done. Get IT right.

Get IT done, with HFT Pros, the financial consulting and staffing firm backed by HFT Technologies, the experts known for the new, sub-4 microseconds CME FIX Gateway, CME Price Feed Handler, and Co-Location Hosted Solutions.

HFT Pros consultants are seasoned professionals with an extensive experience in the financial industry. Our Project Managers help to guarantee that your projects will remain organized, be delivered on time and within budget.


Individuals or teams

All of HFT PROS Consultants and Groups are available as individuals or teams. We have the unique ability to deploy groups specific to your project needs and have the ability to add and remove skilled individuals as the project progresses. Being able to deploy specialized skills when needed allows you to advance projects without having to go through the recruitment process and making a long term employment commitment.

Leveraging talent when and as needed assures that IT managers always have the proper skills available to tackle projects quickly and efficiently.

Why choose us

on-site consulting and staff supplementation services

HFT Pros provides on-site consulting and staff supplementation services for algorithmic trading firms, clearing firms, hedge funds, private funds and banks. All consultants have financial industry experience and are backed by HFT Technologies' founding partners, industry leaders in the development of connectivity solutions and software for the trading industry specializing in low latency trading for more than 15 years.  

Our entire staff is made up of seasoned professionals, most have between 5-10 years experience in the Financial Industry. A single consultant at your site can leverage the entire HFT Pros staff giving them the ability address any situation that may arise. The depth of our technical group will give you the confidence that deadlines are attainable.

With HFT Pros projects will be done on time, within budget and right.

Get it done. Get it right.

We Offer:

  • Industry Expertise
  • Top Talent without long term commitment
  • Turn short deadlines into realistic results

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