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On Site Consulting

Individuals or Teams

All of HFT PROS Consultants and Groups are available as individuals or teams. We have the unique ability to deploy group’s specific to your project needs and have the ability to add and remove skilled individuals as the project progresses.

Our team can start with a Project Manager and a Lead Engineer and add developers after the requirements are compiled. Once development starts we can deploy testers and others to round out the staffing. Creating a “as you need it” or on demand resource

Consultants Competencies:

All of our developers are seasoned financial developers, each with their own specialties within the financial industry. Developers are available as individuals or as teams depending on your requirements.

    Developer Specialties
  • Trade Execution, Trade Algorithm Development and Trading Infrastructure
  • High Frequency Trading, Market Gateway and Execution Engines
  • Market Data, Price Feed Handlers, Market Filters and Middleware
  • Risk Application Development, Post and Pre-Trade Risk Analysis
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Global Position and Risk Analysis

Financial Market Data
Market Data Specialist have developed skills pertaining to specific exchanges or group of exchanges for a specific type of trade. All Financial Exchanges utilize different protocols or have adapted standard protocols to their data types. These protocols and standards are always being updated so the requirements are ever changing.

    Developer Specialties
  • Exchange specific expertise
  • Exchange Protocols
  • Data Types and Structure
  • Middleware Distribution
  • High Frequency Trading
  • Global Proximity and Proximity Co-Location
    Trading Infrastructure and Proximity Co-Location
  • Exchange specific expertise
  • Exchange and Global Datacenter Deployments
  • System and Network Monitoring and Analysis
  • Low Latency LAN/WAN Expertise


Network Engineering

    Project Management
  • Project Discovery and Organization
  • Deadline and Workflow Projection
  • Meeting and Information Sharing Coordination

    Compliance Management
  • Compliance Discovery
  • Exchange and Governing Body Expertise


Data Mining and Compliance
Reporting Re-Location Services
International Support and Monitoring
System Analysis

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